Summary of Telephone Dialog - 19th December 2002


It's rare to catch Oshana on the phone but here is the gist of a long call that I had with him recently.

Oshana spoke about many things in this call (which lasted for an hour and a half.) I had caught him early one morning. He had given a four hour interview with a journalist from Canada the previous night and was recounting to me how some new concepts had come through as a result of this dialog.

It seems that much of the context of Oshana's Teaching comes through most effectively when in dialog with another person. As a result of the oral teaching that Oshana conducted with students much of these new ideas would then come through. Unfortunately if nobody recorded these words then often much of the information would be lost.

The following represents about one third of what Oshana said, unfortunately the author can't recall accurately the details of the rest.

The Alien Ego Self

The ego is alien to our human nature. It was actually invited by the human being since it had no abode of it's own. The Human Being's real nature is of infinite compassion and Love. It exists only to give. So this 'alien' ego entity was allowed to co-exist with us humans and gradually like a parasite feeding off its host it has taken over our entire functioning.

Like a parasite it must be rejected, expelled forcibly in order for us to return to our true nature. This often involves the work of an Enlightened Teacher who performs the operation on a human victim in order to remove the ego entity entirely.

The ego-self or False Identity as Oshana prefers to call it, is very clever, entirely resourceful and can manipulate and adapt to any circumstance to avoid detection and expulsion.

Liberation Commando Style

The expulsion of the False Identity can occur whilst human awareness is present but it usually only gets in the way of the Enlightenment Energies. What is more likely to happen is that the awareness is 'numbed' temporarily for the Enlightenment Energies to function more efficiently. Rather like the Russian Commandos who gassed both hostages and terrorists in a bid to save lives in their rescue mission.

Oshana remarked that many found this teaching of the alien ego quite disturbing but in actual fact there is a message of optimism here - Since it was the innate compassionate nature of humans that invited the entity in the first place. We can take comfort in the knowledge that the fear, hatred and aggression we see in the world today are not aspects of our true nature and are in fact manifestations of the False Identity itself.

Like a 'wet nurse' who provides her milk for other than her own child, the human species adopted this artificial entity and let it draw from our own life energies.

The False Identity has never really been referred to in this way by previous Teachers, although references have been made by prominent past Masters such as Jesus Christ when he expelled devils from a possessed victim.

Enlightenment Teaching - It's a Full Time Commitment

It is the job of Enlightened Teachers to save those who seek freedom. It is a 24x7 undertaking with no respite. Most seekers have the expectation that once they are enlightened, they will do something with their new found liberation - The reality is that the Enlightenment Energies will transform the seeker entirely giving birth to a new creation that is wholly attuned to its will - Surrendered to this Divine Energy the Enlightened one is then directed to transmit this Energy whenever and wherever required.

The urge to teach is undeniable - The Enlightened Teacher is like a mother who is there for her baby at all times. She cannot deny the cries of the child for milk regardless of time or place.

The Mission - Selfless Service

Oshana likened this missionary aspect of the Teaching work to a Fire fighter who is at the scene of a burning building where babies are being thrown out of the windows. The fire fighter has no thought for himself as he is compelled to save each and every falling baby. Even though he may have saved 1,000 babies he will not hesitate to save the 1,001st baby as it plummets from the burning building.

The Enlightenment Teacher takes no thought for his physical comforts; the priority is to transmit Enlightenment to whoever is available and ready.

Enlightenment, Revealing The Plan - Are You Ready?

The student must ensure that he/she is prepared to receive the Transmission. This opportunity may not present itself ever again. Oshana was at pains to remind me that he himself does not know if and when he would be directed to restrict his teaching even further. "The Energy is revealing more and more of the plan, there are no guarantees, time is running out..." If you are drawn to the Energy and you are sufficiently prepared then open yourself to its all-encompassing influence, as you may not have this chance again in a thousand lifetimes!

The student must be prepared to serve the Enlightenment Energies, to become an instrument through which it functions in this universe.


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