Spreading The Transmission

What would you do if God asked you to do something?

What would you do if God or Jesus, Krishna or Buddha appeared to you with something marvellous, unimaginable and life-changing in their hands, commanding "take this and distribute it"? Would you scratch your head, complaining "But your hands are empty, if you had at least a crumb of bread then people would have something to chew on"?

And this time you really got It?

I would have. It's a predictable response. But just one time in my life I must have correctly understood It. It was not a complete surprise - but it was not exactly what I had expected. And I am glad that it wasn't; it's better than what I imagined. The best part is that I don't have to think about what to do - not much at least - because everything has been decided in advance. I hope that you can have your own opening moment, where in a flash your life's direction makes perfect sense.

The Gift that God left on the doorstep

The Gift that God left on my doorstep was The Transmission. After which there has only been Transmission in my life. I cannot remember any other way of existing. There is no complete way to describe how I feel about that some words are: spacious, empty and empowered.

Jesus, The Holy Spirit and You?

What is Transmission? If I told you that The Transmission is the same energy that Jesus called the "Holy Spirit" (or Holy Breath) you might do a double take - but it is so. You should consider it carefully because, as far as I am concerned, understanding what The Transmission is, is the most important part of the Enlightenment Teaching.

I invite you to become a work of God

When Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are taken together the focus tends to go to Jesus or God. Is something important being missed here? If you ask God who is most important He would say "Jesus". But if you ask Jesus "who is most important for me?" then He could very easily say "The Holy Spirit". Why Holy Spirit? Because the Holy Spirit is directly approachable, God is only known through His works. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the works of God. And so are you - potentially. You are a creation of God and potentially a work of God. When the Holy Spirit flows through you then you become a work of God. I invite you to become a work of God.

How can I become a channel for the Transmission?

All of you who have been benefited by The Teaching and contact with me should know that your transformation has been caused not by me or my words but The Transmission. You will only be permanently benefited when Transmission flows through your life 24/7. So don't think that these miracles are limited to class time. Transmission will flow in your life when you become a channel for the Transmission - that is the only way. So change your thinking from "what can this Teaching, Teacher and Transmission do for me?" to "how can I become a channel for the Transmission?"

One way that you can start being a channel for Transmission is to spread an awareness of Transmission. This process will start you thinking about Transmission and the benefit of others.

If you want to get involved and have a few hours to give each week then please contact me and start connecting to The Transmission in your everyday life.

Dave Oshana


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