What Is Enlightenment Transmission?

Transmission forms the basis of my teaching. If it was not for Transmission then there would be no teacher, no teaching and no enlightenment.

For seekers who have met me, Transmission is an ever-present, breath-taking reality which can even take away the power of speech - much like viewing a mountain, or any powerful natural event such as tornado or earthquake for the very first time. Once Transmission has been experienced there is no space for doubt, no room for questions but only the possibility of a stunned and appreciative silence. In that stillness, the mind has apparently stopped - for its incessant chatter seems very far away.

Curiously, students who have been deeply affected by Transmission become secondary transmitters who in turn affect others who are in contact with them both nearby and far away. Transmission happens over long distances. It affects people who have only heard my name or seen my face. It even prepares people spiritually and philosophically, in unmistakable ways, in advance of their meeting me - even when they do not know that they will meet me

Yet, oddly enough, when I first started teaching, soon after my life irrevocably changed in June 2000, I made an inner vow to not use any special powers, abilities or charisma in helping people. I wanted to believe that by talking to people about their problems, that I could equip them with a set of truth-investigating techniques which would open their perception to the realisation that "suffering does not exist".

After several months of giving public meetings, in which I would dialogue with many individuals who had come with their deepest fears and anxieties and left with a feeling of peace and joy, I had to admit that it was not the act of talking that was creating "the cure". It was something else. It was Transmission.

Talking, in fact, was not even necessary. Nor did anyone need to be told why they were meeting me - though obviously explanations provided some understanding. There were all kinds of effects and phenomena experienced by people who were both short- and long-time seekers but who had never had a powerful spiritual experience.

Of course, even before the concept of Transmission (and its effects) was taught, seekers were swapping their experience stories. It took many months before I would speak of the concept of Transmission, and it would take years before I accepted that the seekers stories had any relevance for anyone even their selves. The teaching was, and still is, to look beyond the experience of the present moment, because no matter how fantastic it seems something better is always coming - the next moment! Life is ever incrementally more and more blissful - when experienced at source.

No spiritual teaching is complete unless it fully addresses the issue of Transmission and its effects. Transmission is the energy current which has brought living spirituality to this planet. However, the sad fact of our spiritually ignorant and divisive age is that the reality and necessity of Transmission has been forgotten, misunderstood and even denied. Man wants to persist in the illusion that he can independently sustain his own life, when in fact he is totally dependent upon Life to sustain him. For the purposes of this essay, Transmission can be considered an element of the Life-force which sustains and directs us.

In every religious tradition we find Transmission-based rituals. Every religion carries a transmission, an intelligent organising energy, which can catalyse change. However, these transmissions have, over time, become diluted, adulterated and corrupted. Furthermore, their Transmission-based rituals are typically impotent except in a few exceptional cases. These religious groups fill the "spiritual gap" with activities, practices and recitations in remembrance of the blessed awakened state which they idealise but cannot manifest.

To set the record straight, Transmission does not need a ritual or technique to convey it. Transmission can appear to happen simultaneously with words, actions or perceptions. However, the outer form of these events could vary greatly on each occasion.

So, what actually happens during Transmission? Now is not the time to give a detailed model (which may appear in forth-coming book). Briefly, the student's awareness is pulled forth from behind the curtain of the mind's perceptual filters to come into direct contact with the vibrancy of life as it actually is. This "aha moment" might be what is known in Zen Buddhism as "kensho" or "satori". It takes great skill to choose the right moment, and right action, to catapult the student into No-Mind or "thought-less awareness". It cannot be delivered by a fixed ritual. Zen legend has it that one student became enlightened from shocking slap to the face by his Master. Understandably, certain "enlightenment schools" have created the face-slapping method - with predictable results. If only the students and "teachers" had known that Transmission is an internal process not an outer event - it would have saved a lot of red-faces. However, hard practices are not without some merit even if insight does not directly ensue.

Clearly, a lot more could be explained about Transmission. Catch it at future teaching events.

Dave Oshana


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